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Aerial Roof Measurements vs. HOVER - Which Is More Accurate?

Every contractor knows the frustration–usually counted in dollars–that inaccurate measurements can cause when estimating and completing a roof project. While taking accurate roof measurements is one of many critical steps involved in completing a quality roof job, it can be quite a project in and of itself. Since many roof measurements must be taken long before your firm is even awarded the bid, getting good numbers often becomes a balancing act. How many resources can you afford to invest in for accurate roof measurements, versus how much room can you afford to build into your estimate “in case” those measurements must be revised later? After all, your company’s profitability depends on getting it right during the estimating process.

Accuracy Counts

Taking accurate roof measurements becomes incredibly complex when a roof has many angles, planes, and faces. Aerial imagery offers accurate roof measurements within the nearest foot for each line segment, but in many cases that degree of accuracy simply isn’t good enough to bid a project. For example, your client wants to add dormer windows on a roof plane. You know the windows themselves will fit, but what happens once they are sided, flashed, and trimmed? Crucial inches can make or break the viability of a project–and you do not want to find out that your aerial measurements were insufficient the day the windows arrive and your crew is standing around. Configuring plans incorrectly can hold up your schedule, eat up your profits, and create long-term damage to your reputation. You can leave the stress and guesswork of interpreting aerial measurements behind when you choose HOVER. HOVER provides measurements that are accurate to the nearest inch, providing your estimating team the precise numbers they require for the most competitive bidding.

It’s All In The Details

Aerial roof measurements were cause for celebration for contractors when they became available years ago. Simply having an aerial point of view made estimating and bidding more accurate than it had ever been before. Most companies had long understood that it was necessary to “expect the unexpected” and continued to craft bids accordingly–leaving plenty of wiggle room in the pricing and schedule. That ambiguity was once necessary to protect everyone involved, but it was also an ongoing source of frustration for both homeowners and contractors. With advancements in today’s technology, it’s now possible to achieve a greater degree of detail than ever before. Since HOVER uses ground-level imagery, it has visibility to details that just aren’t visible when using aerial imagery. Using ground-level imagery allows HOVER the distinct advantage of being able to account for details like soffits and trim, that are hidden from aerial photography. HOVER can also see under eaves and into nooks and crannies, without being restricted by overhangs or tree canopies.

Aerial imagery is also restricted by angles, resolution, and proximity. Because HOVER takes closer, higher resolution photos from ground level, 360 degrees around a property, this is no longer a concern. In fact, with HOVER, your measurements are on average 25 times more accurate than those extrapolated from aerial photos.

Real Data in Real Time

Did you know that most aerial roof measurement services use imagery that may be up to 5 years old? When completing a bid or drafting construction plans, you need the most accurate and current information possible to provide your clients the best possible service. And if you don’t have it, you can be sure the competition will. Put your company at a competitive advantage. When you can address aspects of the project that competing bidders can’t, you are immediately more credible and reliable in the eyes of a potential client.

3D Model, Because Only a Good Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Aerial imagery provides distorted, flat one-dimensional images that are often taken at a poor viewing angle. HOVER’s technology creates a highly accurate interactive 3D model of your project that streamlines communication on the job. Whether you’re pitching a prospective client, planning with your superintendent or installation group, HOVER’s 3D model is an invaluable asset for your entire process, from sales through completion.

Simply put, aerial measurements cannot compare to the accuracy and detail available with HOVER’s timely, convenient features. Save time and money and surpass your client’s expectations when you base your projects on HOVER measurements and models.

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