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Case Study: Supporting Adjusters & Improving Cycle Times

Hausch & Company has been a trusted partner in handling insurance claims since 1948. With a focus on providing the best possible service and professionalism, Hausch & Company has developed a reputation for prompt and comprehensive claims services for all industries.

Creating a Technology Bridge

Hausch & Company employed FileTrac and HOVER’s services to streamline existing claims services through an innovative initiative that the company calls ‘technology bridge’. They actively seek technology that not only improves cycle times, but also establishes trust and loyalty with clients.

We have tried a lot of tech solutions…about 30 products a year. We could get two or three to stick annually, if we were lucky. HOVER worked seamlessly with FileTrac inside our existing system. Everything we were doing happened in one place, without extra work.

David Hausch, President, Hausch & Company

Using Technology Wisely

In a year that demanded flexibility and nimbleness, Hausch & Company turned to technology solutions to support their team. The company knew that if technology was putting more work on a field adjusters plate, it would never be successful, so they sought something that was easy and implementable, but sophisticated enough to handle their claims. “The way that HOVER and Filetrac worked with our team and also each other is why these technologies work for us,” says David Hausch, President of Hausch & Company.

Reducing Cycle Times

The cycle time with HOVER turned out to be a game-changer. When using aerial measurements, it took anywhere from two to four days to receive data. With HOVER, that time was cut down to two to three hours, even at peak times.

“If the process is hard, we’re doing it wrong.”

David Hausch, President, Hausch & Company

Not only did this improve cycle times and prevent delays, but it gave customers full transparency into their claim, building trust and adding value at Hausch as a partner. “When we get the data right away, we can provide our estimate in the report promptly. It removes a level of skepticism for our client, especially if a different party comes in behind us. The homeowner has something precise in their hands. It creates transparency right away,” reports Mr. Hausch.

A Leg Up For All Parties

While technology can spell out fear for some players in the insurance industry, Hausch & Company sees it as a clear advantage. This is true not only for the homeowner, but also for the adjusters. Hausch & Company reports that many applicants are interested in employment especially because of their technology bridge. They, along with homeowners, have come to expect a certain level of technical expertise and tools to be on their side.

Programs like FileTrac and HOVER are not only attracting talent, but making them more efficient once they’re onboarded. “The more efficiencies you have, the more you can deliver. If technology can remove the repetitive tasks like measuring the roof, adjusters can spend more time communicating with clients. We try to direct people toward the long-term benefit of HOVER: that it provides job security by letting adjusters do better work.”

The Takeaways

  • Cycle time before HOVER: 3-4 days
  • Cycle time after HOVER: 2-3 hours

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