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A Faster, Simpler Way to Produce Jobs

At HOVER, we understand the complex nature of producing jobs and how hard and time consuming it can be to avoid errors. That's why we created tools to make producing jobs simpler. From generating dependable material quantities to ordering them in a click.

HOVER’s production tools are uniquely configured for each contractor’s business, allowing anyone to generate a multi-trade estimate efficiently and accurately. The estimates are so reliable that production managers and project managers confidently order materials directly from the HOVER platform. Estimates are made accessible across teams so there is no need to track down information from the field. Each line item is calculated down to the penny based on the contractor's specific process and pricing. The generated project data is pulled through the rest of the project lifecycle, helping to minimize the possibility of errors and speed up many steps along the way.

Where it used to take me 20-35 minutes to build out a material order, that takes me less than 2 seconds...with HOVER, we know that when we sell a job, we have an accurate take off for it. Now all we have to do is a quick verification to send it to the distributor. Greg Swartz, CFO Dabella

From reviewing jobs sold in the production console, generating work orders, material orders, and even clicking to buy directly from your supplier without leaving the console, the time saving possibilities of HOVER’s production tools are unparalleled.

It’s our job to make your job easier. Get started with HOVER today.

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