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Optimizing the Production Process to Expand Business, Not Headcount

In part two of Dabella’s case study, we examine how their production team leveraged Transform. The result: an uptick in branches without a mirrored increase in headcount.

We recently wrote about Dabella, a leader in the home improvement industry who used HOVER to achieve an additional $2M+ in sales. In our last blog, we gave you an idea of Dabella’s overarching results when it came to streamlining the Sales processes and improving close rates.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into how HOVER changed the game for Dabella’s production team and how they were able to accomplish more with the team they already had.

The goal

To improve efficiency while expanding the business, Dabella employed the new production features offered in HOVER’s Transform Plan in branches across the US. It was initially considered as a solution to alleviate time-consuming tasks like gathering and untangling the details needed to product sold jobs. Additionally, they were looking to streamline certain steps that required multiple software solutions or manual inputs or calculations. Upon rolling out the features to their existing team, it was immediately clear that Dabella’s production managers saved significant time on every take-off and material order; the information they needed to produce the job was centralized for them in their production console and dependable outputs, like material lists, were generated for them in seconds based on the unique project needs.

Where it used to take us 20-35 minutes to build out a material order, it now takes us less than 2 seconds… with HOVER, we now know that when we sell a job, we have an accurate take off for it. Now all we have to do is a quick verification to send it to the distributor.

Donnie McMillan Jr.

CEO, Dabella

The results

In addition to the increase in annual profit of $2M+ that we saw in part one of the case study, Dabella also saw a significant saving of time and man-hours needed to accurately produce each job. The result was a huge uptick in branch locations, without a mirrored increase in headcount. While HOVER managed the details and calculations required for the process, production managers’ jobs changed. Dabella saved 400 hours per month in creating material and labor orders.

With HOVER, the estimates generated for the Sales reps were far more dependable, and so the project managers could begin ordering materials and labor crews right away with an increased level of precision. They were able to do away with aggravating steps to gather information and calculate quantities themselves and just get the job done faster.

HOVER’s estimation platform is an interactive guide where Sales Reps no longer miss components and complexities of a house. We now have the confidence we are not going to take a cost of goods sold hit…

Donnie McMillan Jr.

CEO, Dabella

The numbers

  • 71% Increase in branch locations with only 10% increase in production hires
  • 400+ Hours saved per month in creating material and labor orders

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