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Case Study: Tips for Growing a New Business from Hometown Exteriors

Most companies–95% of them, in fact–will never reach $1M in sales. Hometown Exteriors is on track to hit that number in their first year in business. The family-owned exterior renovation company based in Baltimore, Maryland was started in 2020, a tough year for most industries. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, Hometown Exteriors’ owner Bill Kassakatis is confident that his new business will hit that number. What’s more is that he is estimating the company will hit $5M in three years.

The HOVER Solution

HOVER provides a trusted technology partnership that helps Hometown Exteriors not only save time and money, but helps to set a foundation for efficiency and scale.

Implement as much technology as you can into your systems immediately. Don’t wait to sign a contract for CRM or HOVER. Put the money and investment into it.

Bill Kassakatis, Owner, Hometown Exteriors

Quantifiable Results

Using the best technology partners is crucial to Hometown Exteriors’ early success. By investing during the earliest stages, Hometown Exteriors has created processes and systems that will scale well. Owner Bill calls what he’s building “highly teachable” as the company grows.

Furthermore, HOVER’s reliable to-the-inch measurements have meant a huge time savings for Hometown Exteriors, both in measuring and reducing the need to remeasure. “Every time we had to add additional materials to an order, we estimated that it cost us as a company about $550 per hour,” says Bill.

There has not been one time that I felt like I had to go back and re-measure a job after HOVER. I would trust a HOVER report over any project manager–including myself.

Bill Kassakatis, Owner, Hometown Exteriors

This accuracy translates into more accurate quotes for homeowners, building trust and loyalty. “With HOVER, we can send the homeowner a rendering of a specific paint color they want within 15 minutes. And 75% of the time, we can provide a price to the homeowner within an hour,”  says Bill.

Not only has HOVER literally shown homeowners what to expect, but it has allowed Bill and his team to provide better service and achieve a 54% close rate. These foundational systems and processes, supported by HOVER technology, are setting up this small, family-owned business for success far into the future.

The Takeaways

  • 54% close rate
  • Quote within an hour 75% of the time

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