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Virtual claims adjusting is not the future, it's now

Just as 9/11 forever changed air travel, COVID-19 may forever change claims adjusting. Similarily, policyholder expectations will likely increase the demand to accommodate virtual and mobile interactions.

The rate of change we are experiencing is unprecedented. Therefore, we must adapt at lightning speed to the new realities of a global pandemic. The combination of social distancing, stringent Shelter-in-Place orders, and the start of storm season is increasing the need for carriers to change the way they will meet policyholder and state regulatory needs.

HOVER has served exterior home improvement contractors since 2014 and the Insurance industry since 2016. With HOVER for Virtual Claims Adjusting, you can adapt your process to adhere to social distancing requirements, keep your employees safe, and alleviate homeowner anxiety while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment.

What is HOVER for Virtual Claims Adjusting?

Regardless of your process, HOVER is a flexible solution that provides complete property data for claims adjusters. In addition to a complete set of accurate measurements, the data includes full photo documentation of claimed damage that adheres to remote workforce requirements. When adjusters use HOVER, they can reduce cycle times and the need for additional site visits, improving the overall homeowner experience.

HOVER’s easy-to-use mobile app and user-friendly HOVER Connect feature allows adjusters to invite homeowners or 3rd parties, e.g., independent adjusters or ladder assist technicians, to capture property data.  With HOVER Connect, you can facilitate a quick, virtual claims resolution. Alternatively, if you need additional information and cannot gather it remotely, you can use HOVER to save the property data. You can then flag the claim for a physical inspection when it is safe to do so.

We’ve heard from our customers that the backlog of claims is increasing as carriers scramble to adapt to COVID-19 requirements. So whether you are looking to implement Virtual Claims Adjusting or just interested in a better solution to inform your claims process, we’d love to talk with you.

Give us a call directly at +1 844-903-0361 or schedule a time to speak with us at your convenience.


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