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Last week, hundreds of customers joined us as Mike Gallaugher, an Account Executive at HOVER, presented a LIVE demo of new features in the Transform Plan. Attendees learned about HOVER’s new product capabilities: sales representatives can generate accurate estimates in the field. Production managers can get more dependable labor lists and order materials.

The webinar also featured Matt Lewis, our Chief Operating Officer, who walked us through HOVER’s journey in connecting the various steps of the contractor workflow and why it matters. Finally, our guest speaker and respected customer Greg Swartz, the Chief Financial Officer at Dabella, broke down how he rolled out these features to his teams and why he loves HOVER.

Here are some of the highlights:


“Our mission is to help people improve their homes with the world’s best 3D data. We intentionally include the world “people” because we believe the 3D property data benefits both the homeowner and professionals like yourselves.”

– Matt Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at HOVER


“It’s very customizable. It’s pretty much whatever you come up with that we can apply a formula to. For example, if we know the number of squares, we can apply a weight to it and can calculate the number of dumpsters that would be needed.”

–  Mike Gallaugher, Key Account Executive at HOVER


“It made it a lot easier for [the Sales reps] to do the upsell. Mike was talking about good-better-best. Now instead of pricing out one system and then pricing out the other system and having to go between platforms to do it, now you’re able to do that as a one-stop shop for them.”

– Greg Swartz, Chief Financial Officer at Dabella


“[Before], we would have to take everything from that takeoff, put it into the excel spreadsheet, verify the information, run the macros, check the output, and make sure we didn’t have any mistakes, and verify it all back to the contract. Now, it’s living all in one world within HOVER estimation. So now, instead of having to spend 45 minutes on a job, I spent 10 minutes on a job.”

– Greg Swartz, Chief Financial Officer at Dabella

“Mike showed the PDF output for material orders. There is zero room for error on that. For most of them, we already have our SKU numbers built-in. We’re not leaving it up to someone sitting in a distribution center trying to interpret what I’m trying to order. They know what I’m trying to order.”

– Greg Swartz, Chief Financial Officer at Dabella

Watch the full recording here:

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