Homeownership can be hard - let’s change that

HOVER leverages patented technology to help people across the entire cycle of homeownership. With the power of 3D, we’re visualizing and unlocking the potential of every property. We’re excited for what’s to come and looking for creative problem solvers to join the team!

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Our Values: Think. Do. Serve.

“And while we build a new category of platform and data, we also aim to build a different kind of company. It’s working: I’ll stack our team against any, and fight with a happy heart knowing we can’t lose if we stick to our shared team values. ” -A.J., HOVER Founder & CEO


Think. We share our diverse perspectives, question assumptions, and push each other to innovate. From hackathons to retrospectives, our problem-solving approach results in products that are evolving the way home improvement happens for homeowners and professionals.

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Do. We have a strong bias towards action. We work to transform great thinking into products that wow our customers, and we learn and adapt along the way. We don't get bogged down by indecision; instead we pick a path and follow through.


Serve. We are guided by the principles of servant leadership and transparency in all we do. Whether working with our fellow HOVERites, providing exceptional experiences for our customers, or engaging in company-supported community work, empowering others through service is central to our company culture.

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Our People

HOVER's employees are our top priority and drive our success. That's why we invest in employee's personal and professional growth, fund and prioritize employee-led diversity and inclusion work, and support work-life balance. We are committed to building and sustaining a company culture where all HOVERites experience a sense of belonging, are inspired by their peers, and love their work.

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Growth, Learning, and Development

HOVER’s robust L&D program supports the greater culture of learning that exists at HOVER. Employees are given the tools and time to learn new skills, hear from industry experts, and advance in their careers. Employees personalize their growth with regular in-house offerings, dedicated time for self-directed learning, leadership coaching, generous per-employee funding for outside opportunities, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse HOVER where employees experience true inclusion is good for employees and critical to our success. From recruitment practices that reduce the impact of systemic inequities to supporting the exemplary educational, policy, and community work of our employee-led D&I Committee, we are committed to addressing bias and fostering belonging at HOVER.

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We believe in work/life balance. We offer flexible work policies and seek to build warm, collegial relationships with one another regardless of role or location. We have monthly “Self-Care Days,” a paid day off, and a competitive suite of Health & Wellness benefits to support employees and their families at all stages of life.

Open Roles

32 roles across all teams and all locations

Customer Enablement Manager (Insurance)



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your interview process consist of?

A: Our process generally goes like this:

  1. We review your application, looking for applicable experience and attributes we believe would make you successful in the role.
  2. You’ll have an introductory call where we’ll provide an overview of HOVER and the role. We’ll also begin to assess your qualifications and answer any questions you may have.
  3. You'll meet with your new manager or another team member. Here we’ll do a deeper dive into your background, which could include a live technical assessment or take-home challenge to be completed when convenient for you.
  4. Our virtual onsite interview is usually the final step in the interview process. You’ll meet with multiple members of the immediate team you’re interviewing with as well as a cross-functional teammate or two. We’ll assess technical and non-technical competencies as well as values alignment.

Please note that this is a generalization, and for a more specific understanding of the interview process for the role you’ve applied to please ask your Recruiter. Our goal is to provide ample opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to succeed in the role. We believe the best interview processes are objective, transparent and consistent, and that is what we aim to provide you with.

Q: What is your current work from home policy?

A: We see value in having offices where employees gather and collaborate. We also know that employees want more flexibility in their work schedules so we practice a hybrid model.

To us, hybrid means that all employees will either be ‘in office’ or ‘fully remote.’ Employees who are in office will be expected to go into the office at least 2-3 days / week. Those who are fully remote will have opportunities to travel to our offices at certain times. Some employees will need to be on-site more based on the nature of their roles. We will not define success by total time spent in the office.

Q: Will my interview be in-person or remote?

A: All of our interviews are still being conducted remotely. We are prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees and candidates, as well as trying to provide a consistent interview process for all candidates. We primarily use Zoom video conferencing for our interview format.

Q: What is HOVER’s compensation philosophy?

A: Our goal is to have transparent, equitable, rigorous, and responsible compensation practices. We take a market based approach and use best-in-class compensation data sources to help define compensation bands for each role, level and location. While being paid fairly and competitively are important, we believe compensation is only one part of a much larger picture of why you join and stay at HOVER. The most meaningful thing we can provide is an exceptional work experience.

Q: How should I prepare for my HOVER interview?

A: Ahead of panel interviews with our team, your recruiter will schedule a call to go over what to expect and any role specific information. We’ll also share some additional resources along the way that include information about our company’s history, values, and general interviewing best practices. One of the best ways you can prepare for your interview and conversations with our team is to download the HOVER App and experience our product for yourself.

Q: Does HOVER have an intern program?

A: Yes, we absolutely have an intern program. Our summer 2021 class of interns were hired across six departments and enriched HOVER with diversity, intelligence and drive. We’ve converted several interns to full-time employees over the years, which is something we’re really proud of and expect to do more of in the future.

Q: What benefits does HOVER offer employees?

A: We offer employees competitive salaries, meaningful equity and comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits. We have a flexible vacation policy and employees have access to wellbeing and learning resources like management training, conferences, and online learning platforms. We support families and have generous parental leave benefits and help employees navigate how to use them. We equip our teams with the best tools, give a stipend to purchase the right gear for working at home, and much more.


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